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K-2 Reading Program

We have exciting news. The K-2 Home Reading program is having a make-over! Over the past year we have been having had much success updating our classroom reading resources and teaching and learning programs to follow the latest research into the successful and effective teaching of reading in the early years of school.


We have moved to using decodable readers in the classroom. These readers are designed to match a child’s developing knowledge of phonics. Decodable readers are designed to incorporate phonemic awareness, phonics, vocabulary, fluency and comprehension which are the 5 key elements to the successful of reading.

Access the parent information note and resources by clicking here

Students will be recording their reading in the new Reading Log. Click here for a sample of the reading log template.

Looking for definitions of key words? Check out the glossary of terms here to help you understand how to support your child's reading journey.

Check out the instruction poster below (available for print here) and watch the instruction videos to help support your child's reading at home.

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