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Environmental Group

Dural Public School Environmental Group is open to students of all ages. The students are encouraged to look at ways they can lessen their environmental footprint.

Reduce, reuse recycle are key issues that the students try to address. Lights are turned off when not needed and water taps checked for drips and runs after each break.

Food scraps are placed in the worm farms or compost bins and then the composted materials are added to the gardens. Paper recycling in every classroom is encouraged and this is sent to the recyclers.

Students enjoy growing fruit and vegetables in the school gardens. When these are harvested, salads, dips and pastry turnovers are made to allow the students to appreciate their efforts. The produce is also sold to the staff or canteen or taken home by the pupils.

Guest speakers visit the school and enlighten the student on other issues. Local bird watching groups have looked at the birds in our backyard and ways we can encourage them. Baulkham Hills council has visited the school and informed the students about the correct use of the recycle bins

Dural Public School has twice won The Baulkham Hills District, School Environmental Garden Award. This reflects the enjoyment and dedication that the students have for environmental activities.


Thanks Mrs Onay for organising a visit about Reducing, Reusing and Recycling.

We learnt heaps and had lots of fun sorting waste to show what we'd learnt.


From 2C and Mr Cowell