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Sport/team selection policies

Dural Public School PSSA, Knock Out and Gala Day

Selection Policies


PSSA Knock-Out Policy:

NSWPSSA Knock Out competition teams are chosen based on elite sporting ability.

This could involve looking at students in Year 4 who show exceptional talent/ability if needed. These students show such exceptional ability that they will be considered ahead of a Year 5 or 6 student.

The majority of teams however are comprised of the most talented Year 5 and Year 6 students.


Friday PSSA Sport Policy:

The Beecroft Zone PSSA competition is exclusively for students in Years 5 and 6.

Year 3 and 4 students cannot compete in Friday PSSA competitions under the Beecroft Zone PSSA rules. Each team member is required to sign a "code of conduct". This ensures that Dural Public School will take students to compete against other schools within our zone who exhibit the following:

  • Sportsmanship with own team members and other school team members
  • Exhibit behaviour at school deemed to be fitting a team member representing our school
  • Compete by the rules and always abide by the referee's/umpire's decisions
  • Be a good sport and encourage fellow team members
  • Control of temper and make no criticism either by word or gesture


Gala Day Selection Policy:

Gala Day Selections will be based on age groups, team numbers offered by the various Gala Day providers and level of interest within the school. This could mean we select several teams which may be graded depending on the Gala Day.



The principal and sports coordinator has the right to withdraw any student from a team sport where their behaviour within the school or at Knock Out, PSSA or Gala Day sporting events is called into question. This can also involve the actual selections for these teams as well.


Mr Justin Field
Sport Coordinator