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Positive behaviour for learning

Positive Behaviour for Engaging Learners


Our Statement of Purpose in PBEL at Dural Public School is:


 "To create a positive and consistent learning environment that promotes a culture of respectful relationships and engages all learners."


We have 3 Expectations that underpin everything we should strive for at Dural Public School. They are concise, positive and memorable:



  • be polite
  • treat others the way you would like to be treated
  • take pride in yourself, your school and your community
  • be an active listener
  • celebrate differences




  • be safe
  • be a good role model
  • be cooperative
  • make good choices
  • care for your environment


  • do your best
  • be an active learner
  • celebrate the achievements  your achievements and those of others
  • challenge yourself
  • be involved




The 3 Expectations are rewarded. All students receive positive acknowledgment for demonstrating the behaviours established in the expectations of Respect, Responsibility and Success.  The  Dural Diamonds System will reward children for all three expectations: being respectful, being responsible and being successful.  Rewards are given throughout the week, in all school settings, by all staff members, immediately, and as deserved!! The way Dural Diamonds Reward system will work is as follows:

10 Pink Diamonds  =

1 Silver Award

Awarded in the Classroom


3 Silver Awards      =

1 Gold Award

Awarded in the Classroom.


3 Gold Awards       =

1 Diamond Pin

Awarded at Formal Wednesday assembly.



The Diamond Pin can be worn on the students' collar throughout the year/s. The system is continuous (throughout the 7 years at Dural PS). There are 7 coloured Diamond Pins to strive for throughout their years at Dural Public School.

K-2 students are issued with a silver award and need to get 10 diamond stamps on the back of it, when they have three silvers all stamped they receive a gold. All gold, silver and pink diamonds are kept in the PBEL box in each classroom.

When a child receives three silver awards, the class teacher will write the gold award and record the gold on a class record sheet, which needs to be returned at the end of the year for school records.

 When a child receives 3 Gold awards they are placed in the Pink box in the AP office.  Diamond pins are recorded on the Student Profiles on Sentral.

The Dural Diamond Pins:


















The Double Diamond Book

Each week, one student from each class is selected by their teacher for having their best work achieved, he/she will visit Ms Stone. Ms Stone will write their name in the Double Diamond Book and positively reinforce the work presented. The students names will also be published in the School newsletter and the students will receive two pink diamond awards. Special mention is also made of the Diamond Book student at the formal Wednesday assembly.



Discipline Procedures

At Dural Public School, discipline systems are broken into two: ‘Blue Cards' for misbehaviours and ‘Discipline Referral Forms' for major incidents. The table below sets out the behaviours and consequences;




Notification to parents.

Physical aggression: intentionally targeting another student with intent to harm

Suspension/In school suspension  or

Major Detention

(2-5 detentions; each case is investigated, depends on severity of the case)


Interview with parents.

Note home


Major Detention (2-5  detentions depending on severity of case)


Note home


Major Disobedience or Disruptive behaviour.

Major Detention(2-5  detentions depending on severity of case)


Note home


Inappropriate language: High-level Coarse Language


Major Detention(2-5  detentions depending on severity of case)

Note Home

Inappropriate language:

Low-level Coarse Language


Blue Card: 1 Time out session

3  Blue cards: note home


Pushing, kicking, shoving etc


Blue Card: 1 Time out session

3  Blue cards: note home

Teasing/Verbal remarks.

Blue Card: 1 Time out session



3  Blue cards: note home

Minor Disobedience:

(out-of-bounds, lateness, not following instructions, talking repeatedly during lessons etc)

Blue Card: 1 Time out session

3  Blue cards: note home


*** The Time Out room operates every day in the

 6H classroom from 1:15-1:40pm

 First Half lunch: Time-Out session=25 minutes.



Blue Cards: Misbehaviours:

For all instances of misbehaviours: inappropriate language (low-level), out of bounds, teasing/verbal remarks or contact (pushing, shoving, shoulder barging, tripping, wrestling etc)a  blue card is automatically issued.  When a blue card is issued the teacher writes the students name, class, date and ticks the misbehaviour. The card is placed in the box which is located in the AP's office. Teachers may also send the student with the blue card to the time-out room. The time-out is completed that day unless the card was issued at 2nd half lunch or after lunch then it is completed the next day. The student will be reminded during eating time (by a runner) that they need to report to the Time-out room. The student is tracked and when 3 blue cards are issued a major detention is issued and a note goes home.


Discipline Referral Form

For all major incidents: aggressive behaviour (either a physical fight or verbal threats), vandalism, inappropriate high-level coarse language, and disobedience:  a Discipline Referral Form is to be completed. This form requires the teacher to write particulars of the incident: time, place, details, others involved. The Discipline Referral Form when filled in is then given to the assistant principal.

Students whilst in the Detention Room will fill out a "Discipline Referral Student Response Form" which makes them take responsibility for their behaviour, develop as reflective thinkers and use constructive strategies to resolve their conflicts. They are asked to write what they did, what school expectation they broke, what they can do to fix things up and what they can do differently next time. Students in K and Yr 1 will be verbally asked the questions with the AP note taking. The student when finished the form discusses the responses with the Assistant Principal; the school expectations "Respect Responsibility Success" are reviewed and discussed.  The Discipline Referral Student Response Form (with a cover note explaining the particulars of the detention) is then sent home with the student and parents are asked to review and discuss the form with their child. The parent then signs the form and comments, and the student returns the signed forms to the assistant principal. The parent will also receive an email to state that their child received a detention so that the parents know that the detention forms have been sent home with their child to be signed and returned.