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Lego Club

Lego Club


Lego Club provides a unique opportunity for students to engage in creative play during lunchtimes. Through Lego, students explore the possibilities of creativity, problem solving and challenge-based engineering activities while having fun! Students can choose to work independently or with a partner or group to design and create their Lego inventions.

Every Lego Club day has a theme, and children are encouraged to build a creation based on that theme. (Note: If they want to ignore the theme and do their own thing, that's fine, too. Support creativity!). Themes may include Robots, Mad Scientist, and It Came From Outer Space! Last year we even had students collaborating on different types of simple machines, even designing a working lolly dispenser! Stage 2 students also designed their own "LEGO LAND", working together to ensure everyone's ideas and Lego fantasies were represented in the creation.

There is a communal tub of Lego that students may use. Students are also encouraged to bring their own Lego in (with their parents permission) and can be stored in Miss Ridley's classroom. Please bring a clear plastic labelled container to store your Lego. Please see Miss Ridley if you would like further information.


When: Thursday lunchtimes, Term 2

Where: Miss Ridley's classroom (5R)


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